1. What’s New: 5th April 2014

    • Retro City Rampage has already earned its developers more money on the 3DS than it did on the Xbox. (Source)
    • Bit Boy!! Arcade will release in the US on 17th April. (Source)
    • The new Kirby: Triple Deluxe trailer features light BDSM. (Source)
    • There are new special edition Pokémon-related 3DS XLs if you’re Japanese and like football. (Source)
    • You can audition to commentate for the upcoming Pokémon World Championships, apparently. (Source)

  2. REVIEW: Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy

    If you’d told me five years ago that I’d be shedding tears over an electronic puzzle book… well, I would probably have been open to the idea, but that doesn’t lessen how foreign it sounds to the uninformed. Professor Layton has wormed its way into gaming culture and, while not necessarily ingrained into a mainstream appeal, receives decent success and has garnered a following. Arguably Level-5’s biggest hit to date, it would seem ridiculous to can the series.

    So they’ve gone and canned it.

    Admittedly the series was in danger of getting stale, and there are only so many sliding-block puzzles one person can take, but we’d gotten used to the idea that Layton was here to stay. One of the most unique premises in recent memory, the game (as I’m sure you know by now) meshes logic puzzles with gripping fantasy with fantastic results, and Azran Legacy doesn’t buck the trend.

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  3. NEWS: Diddy Kong is in Smash Bros. 4, has terrifying hands



  4. Rayman Legends - Review

    Rayman Origins was perhaps 2011’s biggest surprise: a return to form for the legendary platformer after it seemed to have lost its way in minigame compilations and port after port of Rayman 2. While it didn’t exactly garner costumer attention (only selling around 50,000 in its first week), it certainly caught the eye of reviewers, and is regarded as one of that year’s best games, and perhaps also a true platforming great.

    Fast forward to 2012 and a sequel is confirmed for Wii U. Following some particularly difficult pitfalls along the way, it’s finally here, and does not just live up to the hype – it surpasses it in a way that only an instant classic could.

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  5. Luigi’s Mansion 2

    To say that Luigi’s Mansion 2 has a lot to live up to would be an understatement. It’s the sequel to the cult favourite GameCube launch title Luigi’s Mansion which was the fifth best-selling game on the system, but it’s been over 11 years now – no better time for the game to (appropriately, given the subject of the series) rise from the dead.

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  6. Kid Icarus: Uprising

    Oh, Kid Icarus, it’s been so hard to love you. Your previous two games were riddled with problems (an insanely high difficulty level in the original Kid Icarus, terrible close-up graphics in Of Myths and Monsters) but you took some time away and it looked like you’d finally got it sussed. After twenty-one years, what I’d seen of Uprising made it the most promising offering from not just the series, but Nintendo on the whole in a long, long while, amid the endless torrent of sequels and uninspired “casual” games.

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